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Dr. John Ughulu - Author, Speaker, Strategist and Trainer.

If you signup today for John's business startup Mastermind, you will benefit from the following;

1. He'll hold your hands as your business strategist from the startup phase to when you become profitable

2. In this bundle, he'll also help you write your business plan, design your website, design your business logo, design your business card and letter head graphics.

3. He'll show you strategies on how to generate leads and also how to convert those leads to clients.

About Me

Dr. John Ughulu is a Husband, Father, Amazon's best-selling Author of "The Morale Booster", Strategist and a Public Speaker. John helps Individuals and Organizations achieve their Strategic goals.

John remembers being an extremely shy person who never wanted any public attention. Although, he had so much love and respect for orators but, oratory was way beyond his imagination for himself.

He knew he had a lot of wise content inside him but, didn't know how to get it out there because of his limiting beliefs.

When John was much younger, his mom would always call him and say; "John, i remember when i was pregnant with you, i always had a particular dream and in that dream, i'll always see a tall, dark-skinned man neatly dressed in a suit and this tall handsome man would always stand in-front of an audience, holding a microphone and speaking to them." Whenever John's mom said that, John would immediately reply her saying; "Mom, if you are thinking that dream was showing you what i would become in the future, then the dream is wrong because, this young John you are talking to has no plans of ever speaking in-front of a crowd."

As John grew older, wiser and more knowledgeable, his love for oratory increased but, his limiting beliefs were greater than his love for oratory. He always looked for an excuse to talk himself out of it. Back in the days, after engaging his mom and some other family members in controversial discussions, John's mom would always say this to him; " John, very soon, you will become a preacher. WAIT AND SEE!" John always gave them reasons why it wasn't a possibility for him.

Today, John is an orator, he is microphone hungry, he is positively influencing and Impacting lives all over the world, he is doing what he loves because of a single decision he made at some point to take charge of his life. John Speaks on Entrepreneurship and Leadership.

John is currently using his voice and skill as a business startup strategist to help aspiring and new entrpreneurs start and scale their businesses. 

John's ultimate goal is to help 1 billion or more people on or before 31-Dec-2041 to understand that they were created on purpose, with a purpose, and for a purpose.

Learn how to start and scale your business. John provide business startup strategies for aspiring and new entrepreneurs. He is accepting bookings for both Virtual and Live (In-Person) training.

My Credentials

Dr. John Ughulu is the Founder/C.E.O of Mainseed Consulting Group, LLC., a Leadership Training and Business Development Consulting company.

John is also the founder of John Ughulu Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization providing empowerment for children and young adults between the ages of 8 to 22, through coaching and mentoring.

John is the host of a YouTube channel and a podcast titled: “The Morale Booster with John Ughulu”. It is a platform for Entrepreneurs, career professionals, leaders and the general public to give back to the society through coaching and mentoring. 

After so many years of working as an employee, John is reaching out to help others break through to their next level of living. John has spent the last decade mentoring and coaching people, helping them win in life.

John has a B.S in Computer Science, M.A in Christian Entrepreneurship, Ph.D in Christian Entrepreneurship, a Graduate Certificate in Leadership Principles from the Harvard Business School and John is a Certified Les Brown Speaker and Trainer.

Through John's corporate career, philanthropy and entrepreneurship journey, John has developed a unique understanding of the dynamics of both corporate and personal breakthroughs. John understands that the most successful businesses require successful people. The reality is that the two are intertwined, and happy people make happy employees.

When you are able to discover your purpose and walk in your destiny, your happy factor increases. John has the capabilities necessary to motivate people into personal breakthroughs that leads to a successful life.

About My Company

Mainseed Consulting Group, LLC. is a Leadership Training and Business Development Consulting Company that is specialized in helping its clients achieve their life and business goals, improving their competence, capacity and overall productivity.

As a standard personal training and life Business coaching organization, Mainseed Consulting Group, LLC. offers a wide range of personal development training and Business coaching services. My team and I are well-trained and equipped to service a variety of clients, public figures, celebrities, and non-celebrities alike.

Our company’s client base cuts across people of different class and from all walks of life. We are coming into the Business development and coaching industry with a business concept and profile that will enable us to work with the clients at different learning stages and different status.

The list of individuals we have specifically designed our Coaching services for includes the following:

  • Applicants/School Leavers
  • Business People/Entrepreneurs
  • Celebrities
  • College Students
  • Government Officials
  • Politicians
  • Public Figures
  • Sports Men and Women
  • Working-Class Adults/Corporate Executives

Below is a list of the clients that we have specifically designed our speaking and Training services for;

  • Corporate Organizations
  • Religious Organizations
  • Political Parties/Politicians
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • The Government (Public Sector)
  • Schools (High Schools, Colleges and Universities)
  • Sport Organizations
  • Entrepreneurs and Startups

 What I Offer

  • John helps clients identify and eliminate limiting beliefs.
  • John helps them form a clearer and more realistic vision of their future.
  • John works with clients to formulate an action plan, and motivate them to stay committed to their progress towards their goals.
  • John helps clients identify and uphold their values.
  • John Listen to their complaints, concerns, and challenges, and act as a nonjudgmental sounding board for their ideas.
  • John Provides empowering emotional and motivational support, especially during crucial decision-making phases and times of opportunities.

Aside from delivering motivational speeches/talks, public speaking and pep talks, John also specialize in all of the under listed;

  • Providing Leadership development training
  • Providing marketing and sales training
  • Providing professional development training
  • Providing Business Startup Training

Talk Topics:

  • Taking Charge
  • Leading your team
  • Mistakes new entrepreneurs make
  • Emotional Inteligience
  • Limiting Beliefs

Featured in:

  • FOX
  • CBS
  • NBC
  • U.S Times
  • New York Business Now
  • Stars of Entrepreneurship
  • Hustle Weekly
  • Business Star Magazine
  • Business Talk Radio
  • Conversations Live radio

  • Live w/Jerry Royce radio
  • Interrupted Blog
  • The Ezzy B Show
  • Southern Laced
  • Rolling Out magazine
  • ShoutoutAtlanta
  • Sheen magazine
  • DEKALB25
  • United magazine
  • Radio Diamond UK

Vision Statement

John's vision is to build a highly competitive and effective Leadership Training and Business Development business that will become the number one choice Globally

Mission Statement

John's mission is to provide affordable professional and highly effective Leadership training/ coaching and Business Development services to a wide range of clients that cuts across different divides.

John's overall business goal is to position Mainseed Consulting Group, LLC. to become one of the leading Training and Business Development Consulting brand in the industry globally within the first 5 years of operations.


  • Les Brown Power Voice Academy
  • Toastmasters International
  • Proctor Gallagher Institute

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